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Designed for long-wear comfort and style, with an integrated reusable filter socket, you get the most out of each use.

  • Adjustable straps hold your mask in place
  • Flexible metal nose clip offers a perfect fit and helps avoid glasses fogging and guarantees long-wear comfort
  • 3 Layers of 100% natural cotton, tightly woven, AZO-free, certified REACH, and allows easy breathing while being softer on the skin and safe for children thanks to its anti-allergenic properties
  • Each style was individually designed by a local Montreal artist. 

Each mask includes:

  • 2 x PM2.5 filter made of 5 additional protective layers
  • Filters are not washable and are reusable for up to 40 hours of use
  • Recyclable and reusable packaging for sanitary storing between wears


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        • How will COVID affect my order?

          Orders may be delayed due to diminished staff with our friends at Canada Post, but we assure you we are working hard to make sure you get your mask in a timely manner. For businesses and bulk orders, please contact our customer service.

        • Reusable mask · Does the mask filter Coronavirus?

          The reusable masks will filter air particles, but to filter humidity, germs, and bacteria in the air, a separate air filter is required, the separate filter is required to filter Coronavirus. You can purchase them here.

        • Reusable mask · Is this mask suitable for healthcare workers?

          The reusable mask is intended for everyday protection against harmful airborne germs, it would not be recommended for healthcare workers since they are exposed to such germs more commonly and more directly. Our medical masks approved by Health Canada would suit their purpose since they are disposable. See them here

        • Reusable mask · How should I wash my mask?

          The reusable masks can be washed by hand or in the machine, as long as the water reaches a minimal temperature of 60º C in order to effectively eliminate any tough germs sticking around within the fibers. It is recommended that the masks be washed up to 30 times and in between each individual use to ensure optimal health safety practices.

        • Reusable mask · Can the mask be washed?

          Reusable masks can be washed up to 30 times when being used for health safety purposes, but can be reworn for recreational use. After 30 washes, the strength of their fibers will naturally be diminished, and will begin to harbor unwanted germs that may inhibit the purpose of the protective mask. Make sure to remove the air filter before placing the mask in the washing machine, or before washing by hand. Make sure to use the warm or hot water setting as this will promote effective disinfecting practices .

        • Reusable mask · Who is the mask for?

          Reusable masks are for all, as our slogan states, men, women, children and any other non-binary individual in need of protection. It is imperative that we all participate in the collective fight against this and future viruses. We can help stop the spread of this virus while still supporting local businesses such as ourselves, local artists, and local non-profits

        • Air filter · How often do I need to change the separate air filter?

          It is recommended to dispose of the separate air filters after 4 - 6 uses, unless the filter has come in contact with potential harmful germs (i.e. contact with an unfamiliar fluid, or viral germs), in which case, it should be disposed of immediately. A typical lifespan of a good filter such as ours is around 40 hours.

        • Disposable mask · Can the mask be washed?

          The disposable surgical masks are intended for single-use only. In order to reduce cross-contamination, dispose of the mask immediately after contact with fluid, and each time you remove it from the face.

        • Disposable mask · Is this mask suitable for health care workers?

          Yes. The disposable masks meet the requirements set by Health Canada's Class I standards and are intended for healthcare workers.

        • Disposable mask · What is the difference between the medical masks and the reusable masks?

          The medical masks meet Health Canada’s requirements as surgical protective masks. They are for single-use and immediate disposal upon exposure to any airborne virus. The reusable masks are washable and can be worn several times before proper disposal. The reusable masks require an air filter in order to protect against any airborne bacteria.