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How to Avoid Maskne

Posted by Tanya Lucas on
How to Avoid Maskne

Masks are essential, no doubt about that now, but they may cause discomfort or skin issues for some people. So today, let's talk about Maskne.

Here are some tips and tricks for achieving maximal comfort from your mask while minimizing the risk of breakouts or irritation. 

The fabric

Our masks are made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton, AZO Free reactive dyed and Certified REACH as well as INTERTEK.

certified Reach &  which is highly recommended by dermatologists. 

It’s gentle fibres are non-abrasive to the skin’s surface, safe for sensitive skin, and allow for the best breathability possible, no matter the weather. Natural fibres are heat-responsive, meaning the mask won’t overheat. A mask that overheats opens pores and allows for bacteria to build and clog in the pore, which can lead to "maskne".

1ForAll washable masks are made of 100% organic cotton, meaning it's pesticide and chemical-free which are irritants to the skin. Synthetic materials, such as polyester, spandex, nylon, and viscose can cause rashes, itching and allergies, and masks containing these fabrics will not breathe as effortlessly as ours.

You're not going to the ocean with your wetsuit-like mask, come take a dive into our new collection here. 
You can breathe easy knowing your 1ForAll mask is natural. 


Even the best of masks will eventually expire.

After about 30 rounds in the washing machine, your mask has seen it's day and will be in need of replacing. Replacing your mask is also key for proper hygiene. Like your sheets, it needs to be washed, often, and eventually replaced. 

Listen up! You should be washing your mask everyday. There are two different methods to wash your mask properly. If you're acne prone, this is the most important step.

Machine wash: to avoid skin irritations, make sure you're using a fragrance-free detergent, and using the hot water setting.
Hand wash: the water has to reach a minimal temperate of 60 °C, an easy way to guarantee this, is to boil some water, let the mask soak for a few minutes, let it cool, and scrub with a gentle fragrance-free soap.

Let hang to dry, do not put it in the dryer!

Store your mask in our reusable pouch in between uses so that it stays as clean as possible. For instructions on how to properly maintain your mask, see The 5 Reusable Mask Commandments here

We would suggest having a second one on your person, just in case. L'Institut national de santé publique du Québec recommends you promptly change your mask if it becomes humid or comes in contact with dirt. 

A humid mask is also a nesting ground for bacteria, and what does bacteria on your face do? You guessed it, maskne. So change your mask, people!


Like any garment, wearing the correct size is key for maximum comfort. 

Make sure to measure your face with a flexible tape measure (like from a sewing kit) and keep it snug across your face in order to obtain the proper measurements. See our instructional video for a demonstration. 

Choose a face-covering that corresponds to your face shape, without it being too restrictive, as this may cause discomfort and disrupt the gentle barrier of the skin’s surface, which can lead to breakouts, irritation, or general discomfort.

Your mask will have an adjustable wire at the bridge of the nose and adjustable ear-loops with rubber stoppers. It’s for this specific reason that 1ForAll masks are available in 3 different sizes and are adjustable in 3 areas. 

Small is generally a good fit for kids under 16, while medium fits most adults. Large is generally for those with a strong jaw, very round faces and generally those over 5'10".

Check out our size guide for a perfect fit. 


Look great with or without your mask. 

They say to avoid wearing make-up when you have to wear a mask. As this is not always the most realistic of options, try to opt for non-comedogenic make-up when possible. 

Cleanse with a gentle grainless exfoliator at night, such as a PHA, AHA or BHA based cleanser to make sure all the bacteria build-up has been washed away. These acids help to gently exfoliate the skin's surface but they are not freely interchangeable, for a deeper knowledge on the benefits of these products and how to use them see this article from Elle magazine

A free and simple way to make sure you're clearing all the bacteria, dirt, and make-up out of your pores is to steam your pores every now and then. Steaming your face (steam—not burn!) is extremely beneficial to loosen the dirt sticking to the hair follicle which is what causes most simple acne. If you're consistently loosening the dirt, exfoliating away any bacteria that lives on dead skin, and moisturizing according to your skin type, you're off to a great start!

If you're dry...

If your skin irritation is not acne related, try these quick fixes to protect your skin's moisture barrier from over-drying when wearing your mask. 

Before using your daily moisturizer, try a face oil or serum on the areas where the mask touches most (bridge of the nose, along the jawline). If you don't typically wear a moisturizer and you're dry, perhaps consider picking one up even just for the sake of the areas that are experiencing irritation from the mask. 

For some advice on non-comedogenic moisturizers and which ones are great to wear under your face mask see this article in Clozette

Protect your skin, yourself, and others! 

Click here to choose from our collection of washable masks in solid colours or designed by local artists.

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